Release Products, Offers and Promotions to market faster

Respond to market changes quickly – bring new offers and promotions to market at speed with consistency and reliability. Achieve ‘greater value’ with faster time-to-market

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Bring new ideas and
products to market faster

for Salesforce Industries & Conga CPQ

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Track Changes. Communicate.
Collaborate. Coordinate.

for Salesforce Industries & Conga CPQ

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Facilitate cross-functional teams to
collaborate on products

for Salesforce Industries & Conga CPQ

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Streamline product and data operations
to achieve operational agility

for Salesforce Industries & Conga CPQ

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Digital Transformation + Operational Agility
= Business Agility

Enhance your operational agility with disciplined product release process and streamlined operations management

Challenges we face

Releasing products and offers to market is tedious, manual, error prone and slow


Grav1ty PLM streamlines

  • Distribution of new products and offers to multiple orgs and channels – on demand. Improves speed-to-market.
  • Accuracy of delivery and eliminates manual steps. Improves confidence.


Grav1ty PLM enforces

  • Formal change management process to track changes. Improves visibility & traceability.
  • Lifecycle stages for new and changed products and offers. Enhances consistency and reliability.
  • Approval gates and delivers proper oversight. Promotes compliance.


Grav1ty PLM facilitates

  • Cross-functional teams – Business, Marketing, Product and Operations teams – collaborate with a unified view of the entire change process. Improves responsiveness.
  • Team members have a traceable view of data and communications in one place. Improves Communications.

Streamline Product. Process. People.

with formal change processes, defined release management, and streamlined product distribution


Change Management

Enforce formal Change processes. Improve visibility & traceability.


Lifecycle Management

Follow a consistent, reliable and repeatable Release process for products & offers.


Operations Management

Distribute products and offers to channels with confidence.

Built for business users, product managers and operations teams.

Enforce formal change processes with full visibility and traceability

In a business world, change is inevitable. Adaptability is fundamental for survival. Innovation is essential for success.

  • Innovate with speed with streamlined New Product Introduction (NPI) processes.
  • Adapt to rapidly changing business needs, with formal and consistent change management processes.

Standardize product release process. Release consistently. Release often.

“Built for business” – bring new ideas and products quickly to market through streamlined lifecycle stages and approval gates.


Distribute new products and offers to channels quickly and efficiently

Purpose built for product managers and operations teams.

  • Enable product managers with delivery tools to support iterative design. DESIGN. DEPLOY. TEST. ITERATE. DISTRIBUTE.
  • Support distribution to multiple orgs with full traceability.

GO PLM is a “no-code” cloud application natively integrated with Salesforce Industries & Conga CPQ


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