Bringing PLM maturity to digital enterprises

For decades, manufacturing companies have adopted ‘Product Lifecycle Management’ (PLM) solutions to streamline their product launch operations. However, PLM methodology has nascent adoption in the digital enterprise domain due to lack of domain specific solutions. We built this “no-code” PLM Platform solution on Salesforce to help organizations achieve maturity in their digital product launch.

What makes us different – our unique background

We have decades of deep experience in the domain of Enterprise Product Catalogs, Product Operations and Product Lifecycle Management. Our expertise spans multiple industry segments – Manufacturing, Communications, Services, Industrial, and Hi-tech.

Our exposure to clients globally and their unique challenges have given us distinct perspectives to address this solution.

One of our founding members was responsible for building the core product catalog foundation at Vlocity/Salesforce Industries. Our deep understanding of the foundation given us the expertise to build a native, additive cloud based PLM solution fit for ‘commercial product catalogs’.

Our experience helps us in addressing the distinctive requirements of the ‘Product’ domain and its incremental change propagation and distribution.

Our Values

Releasing products and offers to market is tedious, manual, error prone and slow

We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We stick to our commitments. We communicate openly and honestly.

Trust is the cornerstone of a relationship. We extend out trust and we hope to win your trust.

Your success is our purpose. Period.

We are 100% customer focused. We listen to you. We deliver. We take feedback. We improve. And we deliver. Repeat.

Excellence is what we do.

We welcome and embrace people with different backgrounds, races, opinions and life perspectives. We treat all equitably and with respect.

Innovation is the key to success. We believe in this fully. You can expect us to constantly innovate and add value to your purpose.

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